Hey, there! I'm Jamie!  I am a photographer located in Rochester, NY. So, a bit about me! Photography is my love, but my husband, my son, and my fur-children are my world!

My husband and I have such a fun love story (involving garbage plates, The Fifth Element, and adventure), and one of my most favorite parts of working with couples and families is learning their unique stories. From following a couple as they walk down the aisle, to their family growing...and even helping a fellow fantasy lover live out a different, magical story....I love being a part of it all.

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about Heart & Story

about Heart & Story

📸 Picture this: a collaboration where every click of the camera feels like embarking on a grand adventure with dear friends. That's the magic of working together! I'm all about creating a space where our sessions aren't just about capturing moments but also about fostering genuine connections and having a blast along the way. From brainstorming ideas to bringing them to life, it's a journey filled with laughter, shared interests, and maybe a little nerdy banter thrown in for good measure. And the best part? Seeing the joy on my clients' faces as we turn their visions into reality—it's what keeps me inspired and grateful every single day!

"we love celebrating with others"

"it's our passion"

In 2018, after nearly a decade of life's twists and turns, I found myself craving something just for me—a little slice of happiness to call my own. And what better way to chase joy than through the lens of a camera? So, I dusted off my trusty camera, fueled by a passion reignited, and set out to capture the beauty of the world around me. What started as a simple hobby soon blossomed into something extraordinary. With every click, I found myself falling deeper in love with the art of photography. It wasn't just about snapping pictures; it was about freezing moments, weaving stories, and capturing the pure essence of life's fleeting magic.

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